Ricoh Print&Share - a multi-functional, multi-channeled and intelligent virtual printer driver with many useful tools.

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What is Ricoh Print&Share?

Print&Share is a combination of a virtual printer driver and application software.

This printer driver can be installed alongside the printer driver of your printer manufacturer. The printer driver of your printer manufacturer functions as a translator/interpreter between Windows 'language' on your pc and printer 'language'. The virtual printer, on the other hand, functions more as a tool to execute tasks automatically

In other words: the virtual printer driver functions as a buffer between your computer and your ordinary printer driver, and it allows you to perform more advanced tasks with your print job.

Print&Share can perform multiple tasks on one print job, because of its multiple channels. The printer driver can therefore do much more than just printing. You can for example print and automatically email and fax documents at the same time, or convert XML documents, store documents, etc.

Print&Share is a multifunctional, multi-channelled and intelligent virtual printer driver with many useful tools.


Print&Share offers many features. The printer driver:

  • can do more than just printing documents.
  • has multiple output channels.
  • can work with different functions in each channel.
  • has got a parallel cascade workflow output.
  • can manage different sets of tasks in one profile.
  • can automatically select the correct profile according to what you are printing.
  • detect information from the printed document and it can use this information for other purposes.
  • can add information or objects to the composition of the document.
  • can create, send and file legal PDF-A files.
  • and more...

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